Skype v5 10 0 116 Final

Skype - its free proprietary software with closed source, enables encrypted voice communications over the Internet between computers (VoIP), as well as paid services for calls to mobile and landline phones.

The program also allows you to make conference calls (up to 25 voice users, including the initiator), video (including video conferencing up to 10 users), and provides text messaging (IM) and file transfer. There is an opportunity instead of an image from a webcam to transmit images from the screen.

Software clients Skype released for operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile, Google Android, PSP, Symbian.

Skype uses a proprietary Internet telephony (VoIP), Skype-called protocol. This protocol is not a publicly-accessible and official applications using the supplied closed source software.

Part of Skype-based technology on the protocol Global Index P2P, copyright of a corporation Joltid Ltd.

The main difference between Skype and standard VoIP-clients is that Skype works on the principle of peer to peer (decentralized) model (originally based on software Kazaa), in contrast to the most commonly used client-server model (note that it is very popular in recent years SIP-VoIP is also a model of peer to peer (P2P), but implementation generally requires registration on the server, as implemented in Skype).

Key features:
  •     Free video calling
  •     Free Skype calls
  •     Call phones and mobiles
  •     Group video calling
  •     Conference calls
  •     Voicemail
  •     Caller ID
  •     Send files
  •     Skype To Go numbers
  •     Call forwarding
  •     Screen sharing
  •     SMS
  •     Online Numbers
  •     Call transfer
  •     Instant messaging
  •     Skype Access

If you do not want to see ads in Skype:
Add to C: Windows System32 drivers etc hosts
This will lock to the server advertising Skype

Skype v5.10.32.116 Business Edition
Skype v5.1.0.935 (MacOS)
Symbian^3, Symbian S60 touchscreen, Symbian S60 non-touchscreen,
MX Skype Recorder v4.3.0 (mirror 1, mirror 2)