Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Hard Reset

Keen to place a contender in every nook and cranny of the smartphone market, Samsung are bringing the Galaxy Ace Plus on as a substitute for their midrange Galaxy Ace. Boasting a slightly bigger screen and a faster processor, the Galaxy Ace Plus could just be the right stepping stone for those coming from a dumbphone. It should be a relatively inexpensive upgrade of an entry-level droid too.

Samsung have gone the extra mile with the Galaxy Ace Plus, treating it to Gingerbread 2.3.6 and the latest version of their TouchWiz UI for a more refined experience.

Theres been a boost to performance too. One thing that Samsung knew they needed to address was the poor video recording on the original Galaxy Ace. VGA @ 30 fps may sound like a waste of a 1GHz processor, but at least its something, considering the predecessor had to make do with the miserable QVGA @ 15 fps. Heres what else the Galaxy Ace Plus has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Hard Reset :
Press and hold HOME + POWER buttons together